Privacy Policy     Revision 23.5.2018


Native-Hue Ltd has a duty to manage personal data properly and we believe in our customers’ and contacts’ rights to privacy and adherence with ethical and legal standards, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) EU2016/679. This policy explains how we collect, process, use and protect your personal data.


Personal data refers to a range of information with which a specific individual might be identified, for example their name, mobile number or email address. We take appropriate measures to ensure that any personal information disclosed to us is kept secure, accurate, and up to date.


Legitimate interest is a valid basis under the GDPR for processing personal data in line with the principles of lawfulness, fairness and transparency. Native-Hue provides consultancy services to enable businesses to effectively manage their energy use and cost - and to meet compliance and regulatory obligations. We have a legitimate interest in being able to use personal data such as name and contact details to support our existing customers and to market our products and services to existing and prospective business customers in order to grow our business.


We only collect personal data that we need in relation to the work and services that we provide. As Native-Hue operates in the business to business market, the majority of the information collected is related to individuals in their professional capacity rather than their personal capacity. The only personal details we collect are: name, email address, telephone numbers, job title and postal addresses.


We also collect other, non-personal information about your business and preferences. The information is either needed to fulfil your service requirements or to enable us to provide you with a more personalised, targeted and helpful service. We will maintain confidentiality of customer information when undertaking projects with other companies.


You will always have the opportunity to opt out of any multiple communications and to control related privacy settings. Some communications are not subject to general opt-out, such as communications related to business transactions and disclosures to comply with legal requirements.


We will fully support your rights to request and revise or erase your personal data. We periodically review the personal data we retain and the need for it to be retained.


Native-Hue may update this privacy policy to improve our services or processes and to ensure your data is completely protected. You will not normally be notified of changes to the privacy policy automatically; you can check this statement on a regular basis on our web site or alternatively request notice of updates.